Thursday, August 8, 2013

Such a simple question, such a complex answer!

I have been rather single minded in my playing lately.  (Not that this is news to anyone who has read my recent posts).  Pretty Saundin has been almost 100% of my focus, and I am slowly getting more of a handle on who is who in the Frosties. I decided that I probably should sign up to the guild forums so that I would get a better understanding of the people and how things work.

As an aside, I know that I have been with Southern Cross for quite a while, and though I am now out of touch, raiding with a core group of people that had been relatively stable for years and being active in guild chat and vent a lot means that I know these people. They aren't just 'fake friends' or on some way less than friends I actually see in the flesh, they are people I know, and who have a personality attached that is more than just their toon. I know if there are guys or girls, a rough age, generally where they live, what they are likely to find funny, and where it is important (read same as mine) what Footy team (Let's not get into the discussion of which football code is Football and just accept that for the majority of Australians , AFL is king. ... I mean, who plays on a square oval??) they go for, and all those little things that you know about your friends.  I still need to get to Canberra to sample a certain guidies pastries that I have heard about at length from others.  Building that up again in a new guild where I have none of that background is a long, slow process and I have to be more careful with what I say in case it can be misconstrued, or I am appearing to be intolerant.  Great. My aside is over 250 words. If I'm not careful I'll turn into well, you know who ;)

Um, anyway, so after that concise diversion, I'll return to my original train of thought.  So I signed up for the Frosties forums, and one of the questions they asked me stumped me and I mean truly made me pause.  These questions are not meant to be challenging or problematic, and they aren't like I'm applying for the guild and it's a 42 page application.  Maybe a pop quiz here.  Can any of the Frosties guess which question caused my angst? I won't keep you in suspense. It's not hard. The question was "What is the name of your main toon". What the heck do I say to THAT? My main toon is Sohei, except that is on a different server and different faction. My main toon in the guild is Saundin, but like Sohei, I have Saundins scattered across the breadth of Azeroth.  If you were wanting to know my raiding history (which they aren't but bear with me), I'd need to look at Saunder, Saundin, Sohei, Saund and heaven forbid, theoretically Pugofcrydee too.  I have bundles of alts, and Saund* is probably not a bad thing to indicate that unlike certain Druids I can't be tied down to a single identifier! Even if you limit it to mains! :D

I had to laugh (yes, another aside. Yes, I promise it will be shorter) when I read the WoW insider post about the player who Packed every single slot in his account with level 85 toons. Navi was the first name that popped into my mind as I tried to calculate just how long it would take her to achieve that feat.  I ran out of fingers, toes, and zeros ;).

The larger question, of course is what I plan to do going forward.  Raiding is out for me, for the forseeable future.  Sohei is a great toon and I was really enjoying him, but now Pretty Saundin is actually further progressed than Sohei. My alt has done more current content than my main. *sigh*. Neither Saundin or Sohei has much more they can do in current content from the LFR perspective - Of course there are upgrades to get, but what is the point if I'm not raiding or planning to? Do I tinker with tanking on either one of them (Masochism, definition: having multiple hybrid toons without a DPS spec between them) I keep toying with pet battles and so on, but they don't grab me in the same way. Do I level another Sohei (Saurfang's version is already nearly L 20 :) ) ... Do I particularly want to level every toon to the cap, no. Do I want to have LFR-ready healing toons of every class? I almost got there last expansion, but I just don't have the brain space to do that and do it well.  Do I just throw my hands in the air and quit WoW - OK, I may do less, but that isn't on my radar at the minute.

I like leveling, I like going through LFD and healing, especially when you have heirlooms and are ridiculously OP ;) ... The levels before BC not so much as BRD has never been a favourite place of mine.  Even for my levels of craziness, farming is starting to get old. I have now farmed on all tooms that are 85 or greater, and Master of the Ways on several, with others close.  On SC I have a full bank tab of Mists cooking mats in my Level 8 personal Guild. *cough*. Too many alts maybe?

I put Saundin, as current-main-toon-in-the-guild would be the logical thing to put, but I guess untill I work out what I plan to do longer term, I can't really answer the question as to which toon is my main completely :)


  1. Oh that questionairre! It's not really relevant anymore, as we are not recruiting per se, which reminds me I need to get back to fixing your application.

    Oh, and the intolerant thing! That was me letting off steam - I don't care if people let off steam :) I was sparked off by Stubborn who was sparked off by twitter... well, you've read it so you know what I mean :)

    And you know how long it would be before I get an account full of 85 toons?


  2. Don't stress about the app, Navi :) You know that some other shiny alt is just as likely to grab my fancy - or something like the Insane title on the Monk ... or ... I dunno, leveling every toon to 85, because I read that article and I actually had to stop, pause and think how much of a bad idea it would be - that would be a real (and interesting) challenge! :), one that I could see myself spending WAY too much time on.

    I didn't mean to imply that you might find me intolerant, but I do know that my sarcasm is not always accepted for the humour it mostly means to be. The forsties aren't used to me yet, and don't have the advantage to hearing my wisecracks on vent where at leats there is some tone to give context!

    Oh, ... and BTW ... never say Never, my Druid friend :D :P