Monday, August 12, 2013

In which I poke fun at poor Navi :)

After proof-reading Navi's post on tolerance, we had quite an amusing discussion on my spelling in instant messages, ... or lack thereof, which culminated in me apologising for all my typos and managing to misspell 'typos'.  That was a seriously fail moment on my behalf!

Anyway, I was talking about the suggestions and comments that I had made, and poor Navi then went hunting for a typo that I had found, only to come up empty. She did, however find some value in some of my comments and decided to use them as is, word for word, character for character (with which I had no problem at all) ... However on rereading the post, I have now realised that she managed to include typo for typo as well.

So, failing to find the typo I had originally seen (which I think has been removed during the editing process anyway), she has inserted a typo of my origin, so now when  she can't find the typo that is there, she didn't even make it :D.

Sorry Navi, that made my day :D




  1. ROTFL. /highly amused

    Don't stress. After all, it was *my* tyop ... tpoy ... spelin mesteak :D