Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reflections on my first week as a Hordie

My name is Saundin, and I am an altoholic. It has been three days since I last created an alt, and six days since I played an Alliance character ...

It has been a week since I faction changed poor Saundin on Saurfang. Pretty Saundin has been questing, instancing and generally kicking up a storm, doing what an altoholic with OCD does - focus on one thing to the exclusion of all others, at least for the moment.  No, I haven't been gearing my hunter, no, I haven't been leveling any of my toons on Shadow Council, no, I haven't even been logging in to do farming on my monk, or LFR, or dailies ... I have been playing a game that is both very familiar and completely different.

On the one hand, I dropped one profession (JC) as I no longer have the stable of alts to provide mats for 2 crafting professions, picked up mining to supplement my Blacksmithing, and went out into the old world to mine. I had an 85% strike rate of picking the right zones for all old world ore, from memory, after not doing it for probably two years. I also started farming at Halfhill and Pandaren cooking on another toon, as well as fished up my first special fish and started another friendship grind with Nat. On the other hand, I don't know where anything is, and after needing to get from Silvermoon to Org I ended up going Silvermoon to Undercity, then to Howling Fjord, Dal, then to Org ... I also flew into Stars Rest in Dragonblight ... only to belatedly realise that they were objecting rather strenuously to my presence! The Shrine is also round the WRONG WAY and I keep going into the portal side rather than the bank side.

I bought a full set of healing and prot gear from the vendor in Halfhill to replace the cata quest greens, occasional dungeon blues and assorted rubbish that I had been wearing (and what a difference that makes for people returning to the game!). To have a decent set of gear for both primary and off spec makes a huge difference, but thankfully I had the cash to do so.

I found that Holy pallys still take about six years to kill a single mob and I found that prot pallys take slightly shorter, but still something on the order of four years :D.

I advertised in trade for a ride to the Shrine, and the found a very friendly Priest who gave me a lift, then wouldn't take any money for it. For the Horde? *shudder*.

While mining for Thorium, I managed to score a rare Guardling, which was the first thing that was even tangentally useful for my main ;), and then I ran out of bag space (of course), so had to start an alt for banking purposes (of course). Only problem being that I am Toon capped on my account, so had to delete one toon to create a new one.

All in all a pretty productive week from an altoholics view. I'm half way through level 87, and have healed my first instances since Mists came out on a Pally. Rusty doesn't even begin to cover it, but I only let one person die :D


  1. I find it an interesting coincidence that i have also started a hordie in the past couple weeks, my first ever sucsesful max lvl alt!
    Guess what it is...a panda disc priest;)
    It's comforting hearing you go thru all the same cross faction confusion i am facing, half my new guildies think i am totally new to the game for asking where quest hubs or things like jp vendors in org are. I think my biggest facepalm momments are flying in and clicking ally flightmasters while on auto pilot...not gonna admit how many times thats happened so far.
    If you feel up to tanking grab me as a pocket heals sometime or for questy help, we can healer lick things to death!

  2. It's funny listening to all your faction changing difficulties and adjustments! But I am glad you're here ;)