Saturday, February 9, 2013

PvP Pet Battling is very broken

After taking days to realise that TotA gave me such an awesome present of a Pandaren Earth Spirit, the least that I could do was to level the little guy (RP post on that incoming at some point). So I went and gathered up the remaining rare I needed from Valley, almost all the ones I needed from Towong and the Summit and he hit 25!  As noted by Navi, remembering to put ones Safari Hat on BEFORE such an endeavor would be sensible, but ah well.

I cleaned up a couple more pet achievements in the process, and started working on the PvP battles.  As I didn't want to take on some super-awesome battler, I decided to start with some level 1 pets. All nice and relatively even, no nasty power moves, all good. I will admit that I carefully went through my pet journal looking for the best level 1 pets I had, but at least level 1 is level 1 ... Except it isn't.  My first match, I was up against 1 x L3 and 2 x L2 pets. all had their next tier of moves, more attack, more speed and way more health.

When there are only 25 pet levels, and you get new skills especially at 2, that is ridiculous. Guaranteed loss, no matter how good I am. That isn't fun, fair or in any way conducive to keeping going.  I'd rather be in the battle queue longer than have such wildly unmatched games.  Knowing you will lose before you even start is never going to be good.

I thought, OK, lets up the pets a little. I picked the same level pets that had been against me, and queued again. Rinse and repeat, though this time I was up against 1 x L4 and 2 x L3. Another completely pointless exercise.  I kept the same team and queued one final time, when I got some poor guy who had 3 x L1's like I had in the first match. Naturally enough, I whupped him, but that was not due to any skill on my part, purely because the system is so bad.

I'm not doing any more PvP battles while the system is so screwed up. Which is a shame as the pitting of your skills against another real person without the need to have full PvP gear would be great.

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  1. Yeah, I found that out too the hard way. Decided to wait until my team was level 25 and try again. I still get my butt kicked but at least it's my fault, lol.