Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No more raiding for me

Life is just getting too darn full. Now without question, it is my own choice to study (and International Financial Management is going to suck badly this session, but it is a core subject I have to do), my choice to have a social life, to run, and to volunteer for the community, all in addition to family and work responsibilities.  But I realise that I can't do everything. I still can't come at the amount of dailies that I should be doing on the Monk - I have rep I have barely started, I don't even run all the LFRs every week.

Realistically I should be spending less time, not more in Azeroth, and the time I spend I want to be able to enjoy and not feel guilty over. WoW is my relax time. I know that I posted about the way that the guild raid schedule and mine no longer met, but to be truthful, I haven't raided since November, only a couple of times this expansion in fact, and I don't feel right to have the guild try to keep a raid spot for me (undergeared and underprepared as I am and will get worse) or to try to fit raid days around me. 

I made the decision to officially take a break from raiding and posted that to the guild forums. No, I don't plan to stop blogging on either blog (Just hit over 300 posts here BTW), or being active on Twitter (also 300 tweets coincidentally). I certainly don't plan to stop playing. I just need to be realistic and WoW just isn't as far up there on my priorities any more. (He says as he writes a WoW blog post and compulsively alt-tabs back to the client every 10 seconds to see if the servers are up after maintenance, LOL).

In some ways the new raid nights have been a good thing because I have not had to leave the guild in the lurch as I certainly would have with the amount I have on. It feels strange though - rarely raiding is one thing, but when you can kid yourself that it is through no fault of your own it seems better than when you face up to the fact that you can't justify your raid spot.  As a raid leader, would I keep a spot for me, knowing that I don't do everything I can or even close? Knowing that I spent all day Saturday leveling my DK because I could, and did 1 Heroic and one part of LFR on the Monk? I don't think I have capped valor one week since the Monk hit 90.  So I made the call, knowing it is better for everyone to make a decision rather than mess around and half do things.  Sorry Southern Cross, it's not you, it's me ... :D


  1. More running, less raiding? For an altaholic at least now you can have more time doing that filthy levelling :P Anyway, at least I can still catch you at those odd times we seem to be frequenting Azeroth.

  2. Yea, more time to do whatever, and I'll def be still on at weird times - that won't change. Part of the problem is that the time I spend is often at strange times, in odd sized chunks. That works well for solo activities, not so well for organised raiding.

  3. I too often think about how much time I spend in Azeroth, and how much I could achieve if I chose to spend more time outside in the real world. (Particularly, how much better I would do at those things if I had more time to focus)

    I guess my response to the problem has been the opposite to yours. I rarely run heroics or LFR now. I have two toons and dont spent much time on other alts. I have stopped dalies completely. For the last week few weeks ive only spent extra time on wow to help my guild recriut.

    Otherwise; I only log on to raid. Granted, I spent a lot of time earlier getting both of my raiding toons up to a respectable iLvl. So now I can afford to sit back and wait for the loot from boss drops to roll in and use the steady trickle of VP for upgrades.

    Also - goodluck with the study this year! I am sure you will do great.

  4. I guess that I have realised that I like leveling, I Like doing something different. While raiding is cool, sometimes playing my Hunter just because is good, or leveling cooking on my Shammy ... Given that the work I Put in early expansion was powerleveling the Monk through to 90, I didn't manage to extend that to the continuous dailies as well. I'm already falling behind on the gear curve, and will only get further behind once 5.2 drops. But I'm happy messing around with all the various things that I do, so this seems the best solution for me.