Monday, February 4, 2013

Leveling isn't hard

Leveling. The bane of your existence or something to enjoy more than the end of the journey. It's all in your point of view. Navi would be in one camp, and obviously I am in the other. neither is right or wrong, ... well if anything, I'm more in the wrong with so much to do on toons these days.

Anyway, Mrs Saund was away for the day Saturday, so I thought that rather run more LFR at the end of the week I would level my DK. Just to er, prove that leveling isn't hard *cough*. So I blew threw all of level 89 and got him to 90. See, easy :D

Of course I have now given myself more of a headache since a) he is great fun to play - I pulled 11 mobs in the Dread Wastes at once and survived. So much faster that way :D and b) I now have dailies to do on a whole other toon. And more farm plots. Hmmm. Oops!

(Note 1: Then pulled 15 Mantid all at once and I killed 12, but the other three sat on my corpse and laughed at my foolishness. True story)
(Note 2: Mistweavers CANNOT pull 11 mobs during Shado-Pan dailies and think they are DKs and live :D)

 Some of the perils of leveling through instances are also coming to play - I haven't done an instance with the DK in Mists content, and so have completed all Dread Wastes quests. Consequently, my Klaxxi rep is better on him than on the Monk. Argh.

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  1. See that's my problem! Levelling is lonely. I play this game to be social. I can level if I have a levelling buddy to break the monotony but my bursts of levelling prowess are few and far between. Next time I want to make an alt, I will ask you to set aside a little time for me, maybe we can do it together and make the pain a bit less for me LOL