Thursday, February 21, 2013

Enjoying WoW again

Burnout seems to be a much more talked about topic this expansion - apart from my rantings, WoW Insider and Navi have been talking about it, and thats just the two most recent I have seen.

Once I made that decision to take a break from raiding (and realistically, that isn't going to change in the forseeable future), I have been enjoying WoW much more. I have been able to do whatever I have wanted to, without beating myself up about the lack of dailies or LFR or whatever on the Monk. In fact the Monk hasn't set foot outside Halfhill since that post. I have farmed most days on the DK, and leveled by hunter through much of L85 in the Jade Forest, as well as the Pally a little.

I have done a little pet battling, a little of this, a little of that.  I log on and WoW is again that release, that escape, rather than another job that I am avoiding and need doing.  The only negative was that I saw that @Corveroth had updated his awesome TheAlternative addon and had to log on to check some of the fixes ... Only to find two different friends I hadn't seen online in ages and that I couldn't talk to as it was literally a log in, log out session. I'll catch up with them both at some point, when our schedule and playtime allow. - What I can do now is to take that time to chat with friends, rather than trying to run a dungeon, or LFR or something productive at the same time.  I can sit in SW and reorganise one of my toons banks , or herb, or jsut do nothing at all and just enjoy the chatting.  I am looking forward to putting more time into the relationships I have in WoW, rather than to the game itself.


  1. Your description is so apt.

    "Wow is again that release, that escape, rather than another job that I am avoiding and need doing."

    I don't want it to be like that. LFR feels like that. So does capping valour. I know I should do them but I don't want to.

  2. Firelands patch/dailies really burned all of us out a year ago. When SWTOR came out, a bunch of us stopped our WoW subs and went over to play with light sabers. I didn't touch WoW for 9 months. But SWTOR became so empty I resurrected my old toons and am fully into playing WoW again. I missed so much, it is almost a new game for me but with the old comfortable feel. Good luck to you!