Tuesday, February 12, 2013

End of Week LFR. Again

In a mad panic that 5.2 might drop and the few pieces of better-than-LFR gear that I have might not be upgraded, I hurled myself into LFR on Monday. Probably not the best thing for my sanity, but it was definitely amusing.

Zoned into first half of Mog Vaults, about to pull final boss. Easy 90 VP. no great hassle. Zoned in to second half of Mog Vaults, to find that they were already pulling the boss and I was locked out. So, without casting a single spell, I got 90 Valor for that one too.

Just as well that I was only in it for VP and giggles rather than gear! Flushed with my success (lol) I endured the next section of LFR with many many fail people, and fail things. Pulls with dead people, idiots not doing what they were meant to, typical LFR really.  This culminated with the pull for Zor'lok having 6 people including a tank dead from trash as the boss was pulled. *sigh* And Tam called LFD the sanity tap!

The the hoity-toity Priest who had done 25% of the healing for the fight started snarking about how the healers weren't doing their job.  Well, a Shammy and I made up the only significant healing below him, but I'd say we were both puling our weight or more. As to the rest, I can only hope he meant them.  It was, however more VP in the bank and far easier for me to drop group when the group had completed than argue with him - I mean, it's well known that arguing with a fool drags you down to the lowest common denominator and people might not know the difference!

On unrelated matters, my DK, having hit 90 only a week ago, has already maxed out his Tillers rep and is now happily farming his 16 plots, and I started leveling my Pally. ... And my Hunter. :) Altaholics FTW.

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