Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OT: Running progress, motivation and resolutions

Were you one of those people who made a New Years Resolution to get fitter, I hope that you have managed to last this long. Personally, when I do make them, if I get to about this date and am still on track, I'm mildly surprised.

Case in point - though not a resolution as such, the idea was that I would spend more time healing ... Which I have, but due to the Faire up this week have also spent a lot more time on non-healing than I had planned to. I won't bore you with the various pet battles I have had, the couple of battles stones I have scored, or my search for the mythical Scourged Whelpling. Oh, BTW TotA, I *do* have a Minfernal, acquired after only a couple of days of random log ins. No, it's not a rare, and no, I didn't get a Tyrael to sweeten the deal ;) On the whelpling front I am COMPLETELY with you. They Do. Not. Exist.

Instead of boring you with those things, I'll bore you instead with a running story :) I tell you this not to gloat on my achievement ... OK, I lie. I am over the moon about it and I just have to talk about it, but more to show that slow and steady, building up from whatever you can manage in the fitness stakes will in time give you some truly impressive results. Do not read this and tell yourself that you couldn't run that distance in that time. Maybe you can't right now, but there is no reason you couldn't with some time and effort.

As I have mentioned before, I started running 16 months ago (including having 5 months of basically no running at all at the beginning of 2012). This morning I ran 10km in 1hr 7min 52sec, a personal best. Not only did I do this with the bulk of the run under a HR of 152, I did the last km in 5min 27sec.  My goal time is 6min k's, and my normal pace in that HR zone is around 6min 52sec per km.  Yes, that's right, after 9km I ran my last k in about 90sec less than my average.

Trust me, when you do something like that, there is all the motivation in the world to keep going.  It may take a while to see the results, but believe me, they will come. ... So, theoretically, will blog posts on healing .. :D

Edit:: And I gave in. Running stories will now be directed to a blog made for that purpose :D


  1. I did NOT get a Tyrael to sweeten the deal LMAO! You guys are so mean :P
    And thank you for the motivational post :)

  2. Mean? No idea what you are talking about *whistles innocently*.
    Any time with the post :D

  3. Oh ... I guess I'll have to admit it must be true, Minfernal must exist because Blizzard probably wouldn't give out ALL those Tyrael's just to perpetuate the myth!

    I feel motivated now, I will walk much faster on my walk today. Running's out as there's no way my dog will go for that.

  4. Just found your blog. I'm a runner too :)

  5. Hey Katherine, I'm still deciding whether I have the time to justify a second blog, that isn't about WoW and is all about running. At the moment tho, it is occasional running stories only I'm afraid.

  6. And I gave in. Running stories will now be directed to a blog made for that purpose :D

  7. I can't find anywhere to send this to, so I'm putting it here on one of my favourite posts! It's my thank you for commenting on my blog birthday :)

    It seems like a long time ago
    Since we became blog friends
    I recall trying to catch you
    Drove me around the bends.

    And since that time we've talked about
    Such things like life and game.
    You coax and you inspire me -
    Wish I could do the same!

  8. Why thank you Navi, but I wasn't expecting poetry! No thanks were required!

    1. Too bad, you're now stuck with poetry from me :P

    2. Not stuck, Navi... I feel quite honored. :)