Friday, January 18, 2013

LFR and familiarity

I prefix this post with a caution to those with medical conditions such as weak hearts ... I know it will come as a shock, but Yes, this is a post on healing. You have been warned!

I pulled myself away from Pet Battles, RP stories, alts and dailies (for non-VP awarding factions I might add) to run through four chunks of LFR the other day.  It was an interesting experience, I must say.  I had carefully wokred out where I would still get reasonable upgrades, so knew when and where I was planning to use my coins.

Both halves of MV were cakewalk - People are now familiar with it, familiar with the mechanics and well-enough geared that it is just a gravy train of dead bosses. No wipes, no drama, very reminiscent of the Wrath-era speed instance runs. However, that is not true at all once you progress into Heart of Fear.  There all the assorted failings of LFR rear their ugly head. People who don't know mechanics of fights, people who dont listen, and particularly, fights that at this point in the expansion can't be simply brute-forced, and that is, of course the heart of the problem.  When people who have no idea, and no care for playing as a collected group of individuals get together in more than passable gear, they can at least not cause a great deal of trouble as long as there are tanks who know what they are doing and healers who are prepared to save their scrawny butts.

There are a number of things that happen in those HoF fights that have not been seen before, or aren't familiar.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not in any way advocating against LFR, or for Blizzard to change the difficulty - if anything MV should be harder - but then I have already had my rant about that and the ship has sailed there long ago.

It is just a very interesting line to me - right now, there are, to judge from my very unscientific and limited set of experiences, a lot of people who have done MV LFR multiple times, but HoF only a few, and also still need a lot of gear from there. Still, it will get better, I keep telling myself that! Oh, and the resolution to get later LFR runs in early in the week when the serious raiders are in there grabbing some free valor, Oh yes, very much so!

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  1. I certainly agree with your point that LFRs earlier in the week are much more prefereable to those later on. Ideal time is the day after reset for me. I have found that runs during the day (as a uni student, I have that sort of free time) are just as successful as the LFR's completed later in the evening. I have been lucky to have lots of those 'gravy train' HoF runs on those days. Been slack lately though and joined the stragglers on the weekends.

    Did the removal of the progress bar from the accept group window effect you much? I found it frustrating at first, because I wasnt able to choose a fresh run and I was forced to accept any spot I was given. Now I am used to it, it doesnt bother me so much and I am only slightly inconvenienced by needing to que twice to complete the one run.

    Could probably keep rambling about the neuances of healing LFR and discussing the more common troubles - But I think I would bore myself to death ^.^

    You have a great blog! - it was fun to read the latest posts. I too am lucky to be in a similar guild to yours. We have the same policy of 'undergeared guildies before geared pugs'

    Hopefully you will be able to get back into rading soon, The normal difficulty raids are just the right level of challenging and the loot payoffs are well worth it.