Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In the end, I am a healer

My recent posts have either been about Pet Battles (and there are still things to be said in that space), or not about WoW at all. In fact, I haven't posted anything during December on healing.  That is hardly surprising as I don't think I have done more than a couple of hours of healing in the last month. At all.

The sheer amount of dailies available in Mists, plus the problems I had been having with schedules and real life simply wore me down.  I still have plenty of things that I want to achieve in WoW, but the break from the frantic pace of grind grind grind has been welcome. Especially over the holiday season, where social life ramps up and you need time to just chill.

However, this, my friends, is a post on healing. Yes, sit down, calm yourself and recover from the shock as I know it is probably a little traumatic. (Google tells me that people are now finding my blog after searching for 'pet battle blog' ... Um, well, OK then, nobody to blame but myself! Lol)

I was online for another of my short periods between social engagements. This happened to be at the time when the guild had a scheduled raid, which I hadn't signed up for and most certainly wouldn't have inflicted myself on even if I did have the time as I am so rusty. The raid didn't end up going ahead, and it was decided that they would try to get a Sha group going. Now I had people arriving in 15 minutes, so I didn't volunteer, however one of the energetic guildies basically started spamming ninja invites to any online guildy and I ended up in the group anyway.

I warned them that I couldn't stay long, but headed over and quickly pulled up my keymap settings before the pull to refresh my memory. Anyway, off we went, with a chunk of guildies and the usual randoms. Sha went down, I got the tier legs :D, and I logged in a hurry.  The first loot I have managed off any Sha run I have done was definitely a large bonus, but the biggest thing for me was that sense of accomplishment, the buzz and the enjoyment I get from healing. The fact that Skada told me that I came up tops on the healing meters didn't hurt either ... especially when there were other guild healers in the goup :D

I realised just how much I had missed healing, and the social aspect of achieving common goals that are bigger than any one person. Even in a random group with people who didn't talk much and/or did stupid things, healing is my thing.  Now motivated again, the next day I bashed out some LFR to get the remaining VP I needed to upgrade the legs once, making them even tastier.  I think that I will take the dailies with a grain of salt, but I know now that I will never leave raiding completely. Even if I don't raid regular 10s, there will always be LFR, LFD and so on to give me something to do ... and yes, satisfy my saviour complex!


  1. Yay!!! Wb to the healing meters!

  2. Once a healer, always a healer.

  3. It wasn't a long break, but whack-a-mole is my WoW calling, no question. (But Navi, when you are chronically incapable of DPS, that only leaves two choices. Healing is clearly superior ;) )