Friday, January 25, 2013

Altaholics Diary, Day #1263

So I got up this morning and resolved to knuckle down and get on with things like dailies for factions that are useful, LFR, instances and generally work on the Monk.

So far today, I have achieved ... nothing at all related to stated goal :D ... I have:
Accepted all starter cooking quests not previous accepted for Sungshin on 3 toons to get rid of the quest icon above her head ;)
Switched back and forth between alts to retrieve materials for said quests
Swore rudely and made a note to go and decimate a tiger population somewhere for raw meat
Read more about El getting an ingame El on the PTR. (*very* well deserved and far more interesting than dailies!)
Somewhat reorganised the cooking tab in my personal guild bank to make retrieval of previously mentioned materials easier
Farmed 16 plots on 4 different toons
Checked and relisted auctions on my Hordie toon hoping for cash (stupid fail economy on Dath)
Considered making another Hordie toon to talk more with a WoW player I met in RL
Tried to work out which toon I could delete to do that (yes, I'm at the cap, permanently)
Checked mail on all toons on my main server in case it was going to expire
Selected two different realms I wasn't meaning to go to due to lack of attention
Checked Jaguero Isle for rain (twice)
Fought 8 Harpy Younglings on a toon that happened to be in the middle of the Barrens when I logged into him (Finally got a rare :) )
Fought more Harpys just in case I could find a different breed rare
Gave up
Realised I needed a rare Prairie Dog still.
Wandered round the Barrens on a toon with only 60% ground speed looking for Prairie Dogs.
Found a rare
Realised I still needed a rare Cheetah Cub
Wandered around the Barrens
Realised I was doing this on a low level toon and it was highly time inefficient
Kept doing it
Gave up
Hearthed (to Org)
Realised I still needed a rare Spiny Lizard
Logged out of that toon (finally, sensible!)
Logged on to my main ...
Realised what time it was and how much time I had just spent.
Logged off.

Prepared for run before I find I've been playing WoW all day.

A R G H.


  1. OMG! We are exactly the same! Well, without the whole preparing for run part, lol!

  2. I think I should just accept that I have an incurable disease, and stop feeling guilty for not doing the things I *should*. I'm still somewhat burned out by the whole 14 gazillion dailies, and it doesn't help when I have barely started August Celestials and need rep for enchant patterns :(