Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burnout and the reception from Garrosh

I was away for work most of last week and then got back Friday night to find that5.1 had completely corrupted my WoW install on the lappy.  So I had very little time to actually play, and was in dire need of some charms so that I could get my elder charms.

I went on a dailies overload mission, and managed to get my 90 charms within two days, which I was pretty happy about.  Subsequently, however, I didn't feel like doing anything that even faintly resembled serious playing.

I had been tinkering with a new panda monk, with the intention of making him Horde and seeing some more of the Horde storylines (eventually).  This seemed like as good a time as any to get out of the starting area and begin finding my way round that rabbit warren they call Org. Seriously, how on earth do you find your way around a multi-level maze that has the town planning appeal of the local tip? ... Anyway, I digress.

My first experience with Garrosh was ... a little different.  The Alliance ending of the Panda questline is all warm and fuzzy, with this pleasant little stroll around the garden in Stormwind. Garrosh hardly endeared himself to me, with this whole 'you will do what I say or suffer the consequences' type mentality. Way to welcome your new friends, Warchief!

That over with, I hit up Navi for a guild invite.  She has a really friendly guild, and I was welcomed by people who I feel like I should know - names that are quite familiar from her blog, but who really have no reason to know me. It was a little disconcerting.

The rest of my night was ... well, it was spent making Navi laugh, but I'll keep all those details for a future post.  I'm sure you will all be amused. Let me just say that once again, the phrase 'Never say Never' has reared it's ugly head and bitten me. Hard.

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