Monday, December 10, 2012

A green baby ape and friends

I remember reading one of Navi’s posts about the baby ape pet that only spawns when it is raining on Jaguero island near Booty Bay.  I had been taking one of my toons around much of the southern half of the continent, making sure that I battled at least once in each zone.

OK, I lie. I battled at least one for each type of pet I saw in each zone, sometimes more. Yes, this bug has got me in a big way – see, not only am I battling pets and rapidly increasing my pet count, I have this aversion to grey. And white. And, well, to green too. I mean green is OK if you have no other option, but blue is so much nicer, don’t you think?

I was in STV anyway and decided to leave my poor Priest parked on the isle. It’s not like I am trying to level him or anything so all I am missing out on is a few veggies.  This morning I was rotating through my toons, checking mail, crops, etc, and logged on and it was raining! Ahhhhh! Goodbye the next hour or so!

So, I went round and round and round the isle.  This was my first experience of pets being camped – there were at least 3 others doing the same thing.  I have no idea if the RNG was just running in a sweet spot or if the rain changes the chance of different quality pets appearing, but my tally for the period until the sun came out again was rare quality versions of Lizard Hatchling, Tree Python, Parrot, Strand Crab, Wharf Rat and Long Tailed Mole. Plus a green Baby Ape.  Completely ridiculous the amount of rares – I mean six in an hour or so! and I had only previously had the Mole as a rare in my collection.

I’d call that a pretty successful morning! My priest is still there though – maybe next time he will get a rare Ape :D

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  1. Grats on your baby ape! I told you, once you start you can't stop...

    I'm still battling like crazy.