Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The times, they are a changing

My guild is pretty casual, pretty laid back.  We raid twice a week, and do what we can.  We will never make it to the end of a heroic tier a month after the tier is released, and we often run with a less-than-optimal group composition.  Because that isn't as important to us as being able to raid with a decent group of people we get along with. Even to the point of dragging my sorry, under-geared Mage alt into a raid rather than have to get someone from out of the guild (It *was* nearly the end of the last expansion, but still).

Although, that being said, I wouldn't inflict said alt on another raid without a LOT more practise. Ever. Again. I don't expect to be boosted by the guild for a toon that I only really leveled because it was there and I could, but I digress.

In Cata, and in Wrath before, the guild raided at times that fit in very well with my personal commitments. I'm sure that there were other people in the guild who the times and days didn't suit, but they worked for me. This meant that with few exceptions, I raided every week. I enjoyed it. I expected it. Yes, I did have to sit out some weeks, but that is completely reasonable and understandable.

We come to Cata, and the guild has changed raid days. Let me make it very clear that I am not asking the rest of my guild to work around me. I am only ONE part of a team. Let me also make it clear that if you are part of the first night of a run, you absolutely get dibs on the second night of the same run and I would never want it to be otherwise. I am not asking for any preferential treatment in any way.

But the first run of our current schedule doesn't work in with me. I can't make 9 out of 10 of those first runs, and consequently, I am not doing a lot of raiding. (LFR doesn't count). I have missed the first kills for both bosses we have killed in the current tier, and realistically that is unlikely to change.  I had never realised the amount that I looked forward to that camaraderie, that working together as a group, that sense of achievement of learning and improving and progressing, until I didn't have it any more. These people aren't just strangers that I associate with, they are friendly, genuine people who welcomed me back unreservedly after I had abandoned them to a different server for 6 months or more.  They are a group that still has multiple people that are still there, in that guild, from when I first transferred Saundin over to Shadow Council from Amal'Thul at level 60ish, many, many moons ago - and by multiple people, I can rattle off the names, about 10 of them (Which I won't as I'll miss someone and offend them ;) ).

I don't want to have to try to find another group that knows me, that accepts me, that I get along with. But I now start to wonder how long I will keep playing if I slowly move out of the raiding sphere, and become just an occasional stand in.  Is PvP my thing, Pet Battles? Achievements? Even leveling, and playing my umpteen alts and getting their professions up? No, I now realise that what I want is to raid. Casually, on the few days a week that suit me. At a time that suits me. With a group that suits me ... With flexibiliity to work around my work and social commitments. Yea, because I'm so easy to please, and becasue I have no right to expect everyone to fit in with me.

It's funny how it happens, sometimes these things sneak up on you, sometimes they just smack you in the face. Do I still have things I want to do in WoW? Absolutely. Are those things enough to keep me in the game in and of themself? That, is now the $64,000 question.

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  1. you make me wanna cray and give you cuddles and bounce around with you and dance all at the same time!

    Cry because i hate it when ppl miss out on raid nights! (except for a cetain hunter maybe)and dance cause it's all the same stuff i love about raiding with our guild too *nods*

    i was one of the ones thru bc and wrath that didn't get to guild raid cause of schedualing and hate to admit that i very selfishly kinda talked everyone into the diff raid nights and kind of took over raid leading just so i could have my weekly fix with the ppl i enjoy the game with *blush* and feel awfull i have pushed you into a position i used to be in and loath...

    -but- there is a very doable solution here...we now have 3 raids that we can't possibly do all of in 2 nights, hell we're struggling with downing a new boss in one night atm, hehe, so there is a very real possibilty here of getting a 2nd set of nights up without having to have a whole 2nd grp, just working on diff bosses *nods*
    try and talk it up with roshi borr juulez and derron, get your tanks and heals sorted and fill in the dps around that...i know chite has a druid tank/healer he is eager to make his main as well...it's just gonna be finding the nights that work for all of you and hassling the crap outta them all to get their shit together and come do it!

    and oh, you'll def be needed next mon, i have to work and won't be able to make it and am jeleous of everyone that does get to go already *sniffs*

    ok i think thats enough rambling, i'll try to hassle roshi this week about hooking up with you for starting some raid nights for fear or terrece and see you ingame *hugs*