Monday, November 12, 2012

Southern Cross rocks Monks

Admittedly I am using as my sample only those characters that have been viewed on wow-heroes, but The Southern Cross has both the number 2 (Muxia) and number 8 (yours truly) Mistweavers on the server.

For all specs of monks on the server, we score 4 in the top 50 (Muxia #4, Pokem #10, Sohei #25 and Ricendice #45.

Both figures are cross-faction for Shadow Council-US, current as of this morning.

Thats pretty impressive for a casual guild, or at least I think so!

Of course, being whupped in the rankings by a guild WARLOCK turned Monk is horribly embarrasing! At least if it was another healer I could swallow it easier :)

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