Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LFR should be easier, not a different raid

I stepped into raiding for the first time in MoP last night. Real raiding, with the guild, as LFR doesn't count.  I have done LFR multiple times, and am very much in favour of it, but to me, it should be raiding with training wheels. Whole fights shouldn't be able to be brute forced with no regard for the mechanics, PARTICULARLY at this stage in an expansion.

I have done that first fight in LFR enough that I would have been happy to drop into a raid and have the edited version of the fight - like Ultraxion, when our RL asked us if we had all done LFR, and we all said yes, and the difference was that not hitting your button at the right time would kill you.  The button was still there in LFR, it just would take a chunk of health but that's it. You could use LFR and make sure you hit the button knowing that you had the timing and the mechanic down for real raiding.

But that fight isn't the fight I did last night, because it is totally not possible to group them up and nuke them down outside LFR.  I wasn't expecting to raid, it was a continuation of a run from the weekend that I hadn't been able to attend. I was ready, waiting and available, if I was needed. I certainly didn't DESERVE a spot - why should I when I hadn't been there for the previous run?** Consequently I hadn't done the research on the fight, which was absolutely my fault. I was left in the situation of watching a youtube strategy vid while we were grouping and buffing up. Hardly ideal!

Anyway, we raided, we wiped, we improved. ... I just think that the fight should be mich more familiar to those who have run LFR.

**Oh yes, you can tell that there is a rant incoming on that one, but that is another story.

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