Sunday, November 4, 2012

LFR - Lots of Fail Raids

The Vault of Mysteries final boss fight seems to be a terrible place for LFR.  I have had wipe, after wipe after wipe and people just don't seem able to follow simple directions.  It is not a fight that can be brute forced with no coordination or thought at this stage in an expansion.

I queued for an LFR this morning and up it came, 2 bosses down. You know it is a problem when you come in and the floor is littered with corpses. And I do mean littered. Three to four previous wipes minimum. We buff up, we wipe dismally, 18 people in the group leave. 18!!

We sit around waiting for more people and with 10 people in the group, some fools starts the fight. Are you SERIOUS? Obviously. Nope, not staying around for that people, I'll see you later. *sigh*.


  1. so how did you find wiping with the guild for a few hours instead of randoms? *grins*
    were our skeleton piles any prettier?;)

  2. But that is precisely the point. We were working together, to a plan. Every member of the team was trying and contributing. We evolved and did things a little differently. And there was a significant improvement.

    Did we get it down? No. Did we learn and will it help us next time? Absolutely.

    Will LFR change? Only in that better gear will mean that more mechanics can be trivialised and brute forced with no plan, no coordination, and no attempt to make sure that people are doing the right thing.