Friday, November 16, 2012

It was the best of times, It was the Worst of times.

No, this isn't a tale of two cities, it is a tale of two LFR bosses. I had an RDO, and had a list of non-WoW related things to accomplish. I decided that rather than start gaming (and probably never stop) I would reward myself by some rest, relaxation and dragon (or bug, or Mogu) slaying at intervals through the day.  At least then there was an incentive to do the things I actually need to do!

My first batch of jobs done, the WoW task on the top of my list was to grind out the last of the charms to make my weekly Elder Charms up, this done and turned in I thought that I would hit up the first part of LFR.  I was desperately looking for a single point of score to enable me to access the new LFR, so one upgrade was all I wanted.

We killed the puppies, and I had that most evil LFR experience, where you are gleefully told you you WOULD have received loot if you hadn't already done the boss that week. At that point I could have cheerfully screamed at the nearest Blizz developer. Very. Loudly. Naturally enough, none were in the immediate vicinity so I had to content myself with groaning and muttering under my breath, especially as the loot was the belt that is one of my lowest pieces. That was most definitely the worst moment of the day so far!

On we moved to Feng, who went down in a controlled and easy manner, and I managed second on the meters, behind a very impressive Pally.  After using my second extra roll in two bosses, I got ... wait, I didn't get money, did I really? Yes, I can tell you that it is actually possible to get loot from an extra roll (something I was beginning to doubt).  The loot turned out to be the helm. Suddenly I was less concerned about being taunted with the belt as this was my lowest gear by far - I have refused to cheese the LFR requirements too much but had resorted to a single PvP piece, which was in my bags, but not as useful as the 437 helm I was actually wearing.  So my horrible green helm has now been replaced with nice shiny purplez.  Very much a good time.

Then to top that joy off, we went through and one-shot Garajal as well - a full 3-boss LFR run, no wipes, no stupidity, people doing what they needed so, no morons, no drama. Without question the best LFR run I have had in MoP, and did I mention I got my helm!

... and having accomplished that, there is a textbook and some study that needs to be done, so I should hit that up.


  1. Eh, the reason pallies shine on some fights is fully that they prevent everybody else from healing by shielding most damage.

    Granted, if a pallie tops the charts with that he's still doing a good job, but generally it's a bit of both ;)

    (btw, I am having real trouble reading the number things I have to fill in to prove I am not a robot >_<)

  2. Hey Shy, The problem is always that there is a compromise between Captchas that can't be read by a bot and those that *can* be read by a person. I'll see what I can do, but I don't think that blogger is terribly flexible with options.

  3. And thanks, Navi :) Seeing something like that drop when you really need the piece is definitely rewarding.