Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How an hour can make all the difference!

Prior to the weekend, my crops matured at 4am. After the weekend, they still mature at 4am, but it is an hour later ... :)  Ok, let me explain that a little. Yes, for those who don't know, I live in Australia - you know, tha land Down Under, where maintenance starts in the middle of a prime time Tuesday evening, wait, sorry, different rant. ... Prior to the weekend, 4am server time was 5pm local, which meant I could get home from work, harvest my uh, 36 crops, do a daily or two, my daily Inscription research and so on before the family got home.

This worked pretty well in my book :D. Now, I get home at the same time, the family gets home at the same time, but the crops aren't ready until 6pm. Given that I do have these pesky RL responsibilities of a wife and children, that is not a good time to be gaming. I usually dont get to log on until tea is over and the idiot box is on, and several days a week I have things of a night time so wont get to log on at all.

This means that the half hour or so that I could spend to pander to my farms is now time I will have to take out of my morning gaming, which is in turn going to limit my dailies and heroic running. Bah Humbug to Daylight Saving is all I can say!

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