Monday, October 8, 2012

The downside to heirlooms

So, here I was, happily going along my merry way, leveling the monk. Courtesy of my full suite of heirlooms, I hadn't really had a problem throughout the dungeons before level 80. Even that doesn't really explain how faceroll most of them are these days. Brute force is the way to go! It does make me a little sad that even through the Wrath dungeons there was no hint of anything else.  Multiple packs were pulled at once, mechanics completely ignored. This wasn't a single time either, but the normal and usual way. As for crowd control, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a dirty word.

Then I get to 80, and I go to queue, as you do, especially when you are leveling by instance after instance after instance. Only to hit a vary hard, very arbitrary and totally stupid ilevel requirement that with the heirlooms made me orders of magnitude from being able to queue. So, a heap of gold later, borrowing a heap of herbs from guildies to get my Alc up to 500 so that I could make the trinket, making pvp gear, making cloth and leather agil gear to put in my bags, I could queue again.

I really think Blizz need to consider how this affects players. Heirlooms function like dungeon blues at any level, so they should be treated as such for ilevel purposes which they are within their range.  I think I only used one, maybe two pieces of all the gear that I bought, made, and then went on my merry way, using the same gear and still not having an issue.

A completely wasted 5 hours all up just to cheese the ilevel enough to continue. I was not amused.


  1. The problem here is the ilevel for a level 80 blue that the wrath heirlooms are basing their ilevels off of is a far cry from even the ilevel of a level 77 green from cataclysm. hit 77 start farming the ah for gear to replace heirlooms, a bit less painful than doing it all at once at level 80.

  2. Something that I sould have thought about weeks ago :)

    Thankfully over that hump and powering on now!