Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pugs, Queues, Ding, Bah Humbug

On Pugs:
I have been quite surprised at the number of trouble free runs that I have had in my crazy leveling through to this point, this may have had a lot to do with the way that the content has been trivialised until hitting the MoP instances. However, (there was no way that a pug story could be all happy happy joy joy, could it? :) ), for those who have not experienced them yet, there are a lot of environmental effects that you need to be aware of, things you cant stand in. Things that are going to cause serious issues when it gets to Heroics, I'm sure. This plus an overall lower level of gear, stat decay and the obvious lack of familiarity with the instances, leads to a much greater level of stupidity.

Case in point, this morning I had a ret pally - one of THOSE ret pallys - he kept standing in water. Not once, not twice (and then I politely asked him not to stand in them), not three or four times. Constantly. I used fully half my mana pool on him, TWICE. Then he went AFK. So we kicked him, to general mirth and hilarity.

On Queues:In some ways needing rep from the various factions is not a bad thing as the queue times for healers is still way above what I would like (admittedly, I would like instant ;) ), so I am getting quite a reasonable amount of questing done as I wait. Certainly the amount of xp I am getting is significant - far more than sitting in SW :). The amount of xp I am getting from the instances is also proportionally going down as I level.

The other thing that really annoyed me was when I was 99.9% through level 85, questing and in a queue. The queue had actually popped and I was just turning a quest in first, which dinged me, AND REMOVED ME FROM THE QUEUE. You have to be kidding. I had just spent almost ten minutes in a queue, have the queue pop and then get removed from the queue becasue I turn in a quest that levels me? ARGH!

On Quest turn ins and rewards:
I know that Blizz are trying to make it easier in that they are only showing you quest rewards that are relevant for your spec, but that is a complete and utter pain in the rear.  I am not questing in a serious sense, I am NOT a DPS player. See countless stories of my failings as DPS. Mistweavers by their design can put out a respectable dps, especially on level appropriate quest mobs, there is no need for me to have another spec when I am in a queue, no need at all.  So why, why, why, do I need to remember to stop before turning in every single quest that I may need to change spec so that I dont get a quest reward that I have already superseeded with a dungeon blue?


  1. Amen brother. Several times while questing (as windwalker off spec) i would forget to change to my healing spec to get the healer equivalent of the quest reward.

  2. I was questing this morning briefly and realised that the problem is only going to get worse on my alts! My pally is Holy main spec, Prot off spec and levels as Ret, respeccing from ret to Prot as needed. Well, he was, you can't do that any more, maening that I have to quest in one of my two normal specs, which is highly inconvienient, not to mention slower! (That's about the politest thing I can say).