Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Progress, Expectations, Frustrations

There are now around a dozen of my guildmates who have hit 90 and are occupying themselves in various ways. I have been feeling very much that I have let people down in that Sohei is only level 66 - especially when I hear how long it takes most people to level from 85 to 90.

Are the guild raiding? No. Do they expect me to be 90 already? No. Am I letting anyone down? Not yet as they aren't raiding ;).

Last expansion I was one of the first guildies that made it to level cap.I was on the crest of the wave and I felt good. My WoW epeen meter was full and I liked that! I was also the primary Holy Pally in the guild, which made my life pretty easy when it came to raid spots.

No one made me switch mains. It would be completely unrealistic to expect to be in Pandaria content now, having started from level 1 without RaF.  Let's not forget that Mists wasn't even launched a week ago!  In the time between then and now, I have made it to Level 66, run countless instances, leveled one crafting profession to 385 and another into the mid 200's.I have kept up with RL commitments, somewhat of a social life, and full time work.

I am really enjoying the Monk, and I know that the leveling only has to be done once - it's not something that will leave me permanently behind the wave!

It annoys me greatly that I am *only* 66, but I have nobody to blame except myself, and really, I'm not doing too badly.  I am a week in front of my estimated timeframe, and I'm pretty stoked about that.  I guess I should not worry so much about other people's expectations and just adjust my own! (As well as enjoying the fact that I have a number of days away from home with work in the next weeks that should help keep the pace up :D).

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