Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh dear, I did what?

I was looking over Navi's list of Navispam victims and realised that my pic was in need of some improvement ... Firstly, I was on Saundin, who isn't even recipient of primary alt status as my DK needs to level so he can get herbs for Sohei to use to level Alchemy.

Secondly, I was wearing the usual motley collection of gear that was my healing set, with no thought as to aesthetic value. I half-heartedly got most of the way through my Pally transmog set, but ended up cursing the name of a certain Drake in Old Hillsbrad. In fact, I think the guy NEVER wore boots, becasue if he did, it sure wasn't when I killed him, and killed him, and killed him.

Now the look of my toon has never really worried me - much like in RL, where my general method of dress involves one random shirt plus one random pair of trousers (from a quite limited selection, I am a guy after all) and go with that. Mrs Saund and the tweenage Saundling find that close to heresy. In fact, getting lectured by your tween on what matches and doesn't is ... interesting.

After a schooling that consisted of fitting in with the rules and regulations of a snobby private school that I didn't want to go to anyway, if I do anything at all to take notice is what I am wearing, it is usually on the not-subtle end of the spectrum. Bright orange ties with electric blue shirts, for example. My thoughts on the colour wheel are that colours opposite on the wheel are obviously meant to be worn together. - Think Matthew Rossi in the WoW sense, I guess :).

Anyway, with this in mind, I shot off my mouth (something I am pretty good at), and took to Twitter to suggest that I have a re-shoot with Navi featuring Sohei.  The Saundling would be proud as my next thought was (I can't believe that I thought this, let along am posting it) "Oh my, I have absolutely NOTHING to wear".  So many of the bloggers have these artfully contrived, carefully sourced, and perfectly matched shots, and I am wearing the best healing gear I have. With absolitely NO notice as to how that might actually look as an outfit. An outfit that looks even more mismatched than the Pally had as at least he had multiple bits of tier to somewhat drag the look together.

So, I guess I'll retract that suggestion for the moment, and in a move that may shake the foundation of Azeroth as we know it, start working on a transmog set. And may God have mercy on my soul!


  1. Ha! This was why I was so happy to not be surprised. I had the chance to prepare and didn't need a reshoot (which I undoubtedly would have otherwise!)

    I couldn't get the perfect outfit in time, but I managed "Something I'm Not Embarassed By", which I was very happy with.

    Of course, I'm annoyed that all my screenshots of the visit are lousy while hers came out good.

  2. How many times do I have to keep saying... I am happy to see you guys not what you're wearing!

    Though it's not that I don't understand. I do understand, because if my friends were putting pics of ME on their blog I want to look nice. So Ok. Let me know when you are all dressed pretty :)