Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guild-paid transfers

Note to self: When does being 'back' to blogging really show? When you read a post, and know instantly that your reply will be way too large for and comment. You post a wall of text, because you have your own blog, and you can! :).

Various things of the digital age have grabbed my attention, but I can honestly say that Twitter isn't one of them. *DING* Lightbulb moment - I reckon I know what it is - why doesn't Twitter appeal to me? 140 characters for an ENTIRE message? ROTFL. You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. So all sorts of juicy stuff apparently floats around the twitter-sphere, then someone blogs about it, and I finally read it :) (Thanks Ophelie).

I am never likely to be in a progression guild, or even a hard-mode guild. My gear isn't there, my experience isn't there, my drive isn't there and more than likely, my skills aren't there either. But really, that suits me just fine. Like Ophelie, I have been in few guilds. My first guild (Unchained of Aman'Thul) was the one I stayed in until it imploded and I left with a large proportion of the remaining people to start a new guild (Blood Rage of Aman'Thul) and raid more. The only other guild I have been in is due to a RL friendship (Southern Cross of Shadow Council). I make a conscious commitment to a guild, and expect to put in and contribute to the guild's wellbeing. I expect to have to prove myself before becoming integral to the guild. If I am changing guild then one way I can show my commitment is to pay my own way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to willy-nilly transfer - if I wanted to transfer, I would explain to the guild leadership that I would like to try out the environment of the guild - start a new toon on that server, and get that toon added to the guild. I'd then participate in general guild chat, as well as try to listen in on vent to a few raids. If after a couple of weeks if the guild seemed the right place to me, I'd then make the decision to transfer, and I'd see the transfer fee as part of the deal - if you want to change careers, you don't generally rock up to a prospective employer and say "Yea, I want a change, your organisation sounds good, but hey, why don't you pay for my retraining" - well I wouldn't. I'd do the training and show up saying "I have decided to change, researched and like your company. I understand that my skills are in different areas, so I have done x, y and z training and I understand that I will need to work my way up in the organisation, not instantly expect a corner office" ... Maybe that's just the Gen-X in me not thinking the world is about me, but were I employing someone I know who I'd pick, even if the applicant who had done the training had less experience or skills. :D

And if that meant that I didn't mesh with the guild for whatever reason, then I wouldn't expect them to pay me to transfer back.

In the end, in this situation, you need to make a decision, and that decision may cost in a real or virtual sense or both.

Back and forth, I sway with the wind
Resolution slips away again
Right through my fingers, back into my heart
Where it's out of reach and it's in the dark
Sometimes I think I'm blind
Or I may be just paralyzed
Because the plot thickens every day
And the pieces of my puzzle keep crumblin' away.

Couldn't have said it better myself :D