Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling all Alliance Bloodlust Battlegroup

Kurn's comment on my post started me thinking, which is dangerous at the best of times.

Why cant we of the blogosphere find a way to group together for a couple of hours and have a decent few pug runs, without the usual idiots.

Oh I know there are ways and means of contacting people not on your server, but they usually involve mild insanity and chronic altitis. ... Yes, I still play the toons I created on Lothar when I wanted to talk to Jess ... I have FIVE of them now, and even took one into a random instance the other day. *sigh* See, told you I was nuts.

There have to be enough people on the Bloodlust Battlegroup, no not just *people*, enough sensible, competent, frustrated-with-pug-morons individuals out there who would enjoy getting together at a mutually convenient time to run a few heroics together. On their mains or other geared characters, not on level um 17's that you shouldn't be playing because you're concentrating on your mains. :D

So, here is my grand suggestion. It would take some organising, I agree, but if you can organise It Came From the Blog, why can't you (well, I) organise something cross-server? Why can't we make a date and time and then queue for a random all at the same time? It works, because I have done it. You just queue for an instance few people in their right mind wants (say normal Oculus for a good example), then you (and your cross server friends) get matched with other people and can continue the group for as many instances as you would like.

So, here is my challenge to you. Leave a comment, listing your toon or toons names, preferred role, your timezone and a link to who you are (optional), and whether a time like 2am GMT, Sat Mar 6 would suit you. (it is a reasonable fit for both sides of the States and here in Oz).

Have a chance to meet some of the names that you know from blogs and Forums. (Maybe, just maybe, even someone like Trajer? Nah, you're dreaming, crazy Saunder.

I will edit this post to flesh out the list and we will see if we can arrange something truly epic :D.

Requirements: Level 80. Bloodlust Battlegroup. (And as I have just realised, Alliance, LOL@me)


  1. Example comment format:

    Toons Name: Saunder
    Role: Tank/Heals
    Timezone: UTC+11 (AEDT)
    Link: Non-Squishy Heals
    Time Suits: Yes

  2. Awesome idea, Saunder!

    Toon Names: Madranah, Kurnmogh
    Role: Healer/Tank, DPS
    Timezone: GMT -5 (EST, Canada)
    Link: Kurn's Corner
    Time Suits: Yes

  3. Toon Names: Rykga
    Role: Healer (Paladin)
    Timezone: GMT -3.5 (Newfoundland)
    Time Suits: Yes